26 Ogos 2010

Anwar alat permainan konspirator Yahudi menguasai dunia

First, let me say, I am not a BN man or supporter, never was nor is. I am not writing this article to attack the Opposition group; I support the minority players/parties as I strongly believe that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore if BN becomes the minority, then I may have to support them to help check on the excesses of whichever party ruling our country. “…the country is in danger of collapsing due to Anwar’s involvement with the American Democratic body which gives him money to do his political campaign here. Apparently he claims that Anwar is about to send ½ billion Sing Dollar into Sabah“. (Rights2Write)

The above statement is taken from a contributor in Susan Loone’s blog which can be false. I have not heard of American Democratic body.
In the past his name was on the attendees list of the Illuminati’s sponsored meeting/s when he was DPM as was Datuk Sopiee (deceased). Anwar is still with the World Bank (an Illuminati org.).

D.S. Anwar Ibrahim is in the news everywhere. Soon he maybe the next PM, but before we elect him, we should ask him - where Anwar Ibrahim allegiances lie – with this country or with the elitist’s society of a foreign country?

We better be safe than sorry as he is considered the power behind the BR or BA coalition - an ‘Alternative PM’.
Malaysia Today have already exposed Tan Sri Dato’Azman Hashim as a member of the Trilateral Commission; a person cannot just join such a secret exclusive organization but have to be invited into it. How many there are in this country who belong to such org. or similar ones?
Again MT has an update 27.03.08: Chandra Muzaffar Responds To Bhupalan And Other Critics
Bhupalan is aware of all this. An ardent PKR supporter, she was distressed that I had quit the party and met me a couple of times.

I explained to her in great length that apart from internal party divisions, I was unhappy about money politics in the Likas by-election, the manipulation of communal sentiments in the Lunas by-election and Anwar's close relationship to certain individuals and think-tanks in Washington who were part of the US's agenda for global hegemony. I told her that I had conveyed all these and other concerns to Anwar in a 15 page private letter in March 2002.

Anwar is very close to Paul Dundes Wolfowitz, ex president of World Bank (an Illuminist agent).
The Illuminati is made up of many other societies
Club of Rome
Council of Foreign Affairs
Jesuits (of the Roman Catholic church)
Pilgrims Society
Skull & Bones (current President G. Bush a member)
Trilateral Commission
Organizations - IMF, WWF, World Bank, U.N., etc.
There is further breakdown as each society and organization can have sub-divisions.

Those who are with the elitists are not loyal to their countries but only to their masters in Illuminati.

If Anwar for or against us
Will we get out of the fire-pan (BN govt.) and in the fire (Anwar/eliist)
PS. During the 1990s Anwar as Finance minister nearly got funds from IMF (Illuminati org.). Our problems will be just about the same as in Indonesia – controlled by the hidden hand. As the Illuminati started the 9/11 WTO destruction, and the Bali bombing – they may do so here. Calling non terrorists – terrorists, and getting them charged as terrorists though some may be just involved.

If he had become the PM then, our troubles will just started.
So Malaysians think who you want as the next PM.

But first for the sake of the general public who uninformed or know little and those who deny of such conspiracy going on worldwide, I would like for them to see the website: http://www.arcticbeacon.com/ by Greg Szymanski, JD; or for Muslims see: http://www.illuminaticonfessions.webfriend.it/ by by Leo Lyon Zagami, now Khaled Saifullah Khan, an ex high level & of royal bloodline in the Illuminati, now a Muslim convert.
These two websites are the most reliable in dispensing information about the Illuminati, some others are misinfo agents or disinfo agents, eg Alex Jones.

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